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A MASPED Csoport zászlóshajója a 2001-ben megalakult MASPED Logisztika Kft.

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MASPED Group has been characterized with reliability, proficiency and correctness since its establishment in 1948. Our aim is to provide you comfort and service with the help of our seventy-year long professional experience and innovative way of thinking. Social responsibility, participation in professional bodies and sustainable ethical way of thinking in business is essentially important for our companies. Successful investments of MASPED Group play an important role in forwarding, property management and tourism. Read More


MASPED Logistics Ltd.:


The determining founder of the Group, MASPED Logistics Ltd., started its operation in logistics and customs as an independent business in 2001.

We can provide our customers a wide range of services from storage to logistics in our North-Pest Logistics Centre in the intersection of M3 and 2/A on an almost 14.000 square metres area. The North-Pest Terminal also houses a type I. customs warehouse operating in the jurisdiction of North-Pest Regional Principal Customs Office. The direct presence of the customs office offers a significant aid for businesses of the region in both electronic procedures and in cases that are excluded from the local procedures. On the other hand, it provides continuous, professional help, contribution and advisory services for the clients requiring customs services.

The central terminal of the company, MASPED PORT Logistics Centre can be found in Csepel Autonomous Dock, where, due to technical modernization and expanding storage capacity, we are ready to provide our customers quality logistics services on a 33.000 square meters’ area following the use of public roads, rails and waterways. Our latest development in connection with the terminal is our 10000 m2 high-bay warehouse, and which meets the demands of the present logistics requirements and was opened in October 2018.


History of Masped Group

1948. The company is established and it starts its operation on the decision of the Government under the name of Masped Hungarian General Forwarding Public Limited Liability Company.

1954. Appointment of permanent representatives to the most important European Docks.

1967. The company becomes a standing member of FIATA. Representation in Rostock is opened.

1968 – 1974 Air and container departments are formed, and Csepel warehouse starts its operation.

1979 The retired former chief executive officer, György Antal is appointed to be the president of FIATA.

1982. With the engagement of Hungarocamion, Hungarosped is established, the task of which is forwarding containers.

1989. Association of Hungarian Forwarders is formed, the president of which is Kálmán Gelencsér, the chief executive officer of MASPED.

1991. Beginning of the privatisation of the company, the first independent branches are established (like MASPED-Trias, MASPED Expo, Mafracht)

1992 Masped operates as a public limited liability company again, the name of which is Masped First Hungarian General Forwarding Public Limited Liability Company. The President Chief Executive Officer is István Kautz, who is also appointed to the president of the Association of Hungarian Forwarders.

1993 Regional network of the company is developed. Joint ventures are established in Moscow and Minsk.

1995. Further expansions in the Eastern markets. The company establishes joint ventures in Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Kazakhstan.

1996. Representation of the company is formed in Rotterdam.

1998. The company operates as a privately held company from October.

2000 The company reorganizes its operation; some certain forwarding activities are carried out by branches. MASPED SCHENKER Air and Sea Forwarding Ltd is established, and property management line of MASPED business comes into being.

2003 DB Schenker AG obtains a 49.9 % share in MASPED SCHENKER Air and Sea Forwarding Ltd.
A new owner enters MASPED CAMION Ltd, and from now on the name of the company is MASPED TLOG Public Roads Transport Logistics Ltd.

2004 The modern customs service centre opens in Alag site of NORTH PEST LOGISTICS CENTRE, under the name of MASPED Customs Warehouse

2005 From the 1st January contracts of MASPED-RAIL are taken over by MASPED-RAILOG Ltd established together with DB Schenker AG. due to the cease of MASPED-RAIL operation. Forming the new company, the rail activity of the company joins to the interests of Deutsche Bahn.
MASPED LOGISTICS Ltd moves to Csepel site. Following the refurbishment of warehouses and offices, Csepel Logistics centre operates under the name of MASPED PORT. MASPED BTL Ltd., MASPED TT ZÁHONY Ltd. and MASPED RAIL Ltd. merge with MASPED LOGISTICS Ltd.
During the summer ANNAGORA PARK Shopping Centre starts to operate.
In July the four-star-hotel AZÚR is opened in Siófok, the majority owner of which is the MASPED privately held company.
Reconstruction of Horváth Villa in Balatonfüred is finished under the guidance of AL HOLDING, which is partly owned by MASPED.

2006. DB Schenker AG. obtains 50% shares in MASPED-SCHENKER Air and Sea Forwarding Ltd. and 50% in MASPED-RAILOG Rail Forwarding Ltd.
MASPED TLOG Public Roads Transport Logistics Ltd. establishes branches in Romania and Slovakia.
EUROSPED privately held company establishes companies in Romania and Moldavia.
In the area of MASPED PORT a 6.300 square metres, insulated, high-bay warehouse is built.
ANNAGORA AQUAPARK in Balatonfüred is opened in July.

2007. MASPED RAIL CARGO Private Railway privately held company is formed.

2010. MASPED privately held company sells MASPED-RAILOG Ltd. and its shares in MASPED-SCHENKER Ltd. to the other shareholder, to DB Schenker AG. With this step the two companies fuse with Schenker Ltd. So the direct rail, air and sea forwarding branches are excluded of MASPED portfolio, therefore consolidation of the forwarding portfolio is closed down.

2012. MASPED Logistics Ltd. and MASPED Expo Ltd. fuse.

2013. The income of EUROSPED privately held company is over nine (9) billion HUF. The present structure of MASPED forwarding portfolio is being formed.

2014. Szeged Industrial Logistics Centre and areas of Industrial Park are sold.

9th March, 2015, At the age of 67, István Kautz, the Chief Executive Officer of MASPED privately held company and honorary president of the Association of Hungarian Forwarders and Logistics Service Providers dies. He worked for our company from 11th May, 1971 in different positions and from 1992 as the President Chief Executive Officer of MASPED privately held company up to his death. His excellent work is significant both in the history of MASPED and in Hungarian forwarding. We will always remember him.

28th July, 2017 Westbay Group belonging to György Nagy interests obtains significant shares in MASPED First Hungarian General Forwarding Privately Held Company.