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Quality policy

  • The competitive quality of the service providers is guaranteed by MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system.
  • With the help of our continuous improvements we can expand our business relationships and increase our efficiency.
  • As a result of information technology and Internet improvements our operation is quicker and more accurate and correct.
  • We make our business purposes more understandable with stating our vision, business strategy and quality policy.
  • Our intention is to increase efficiency with reorganization in a reasonable way. It is based on our human resource, selection of qualified staff, on ensuring professional improvements and on the satisfaction of colleagues, their appreciation and motivation.
  • We harmonize our PR operation, press, advertisement and custom service events with companies of MASPED Group.
  • Expanding our inner communication, we can make our work more successful and flexible and we can improve the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Large companies, small and medium sized businesses can be found among our partners. We can offer exclusive, unique logistics solutions for our clients, from one pallet stock to several thousand pallets stock.
  • One of our basic aims is that modern handling technology can be accessible both for large companies and small and medium sized enterprises and to meet the requirements of logistics at a high level and in a flexible way.